Seats/In-Flight Services

Picture with CAs.

Here we provide information about operating equipment and seats.


Photographic image of three seats in a row.

Seat width: 17.5 in (approx. 44 cm)

Photograph of a seat from the side. Seat pitch is 32 in

Seat pitch: 32 in (approx. 81 cm)

Photograph of a seat from behind. Seats are equipped with Type-A and Type-C USB ports.

USB port (Type-A and Type-C)

Photograph of a headrest. The height of headrests can be adjusted.

Air Japan’s fleet comprises Boeing 787-8 aircraft.
Debuting in 2011, the Boeing 787-8 aircraft features state-of-the-art technology and low fuel consumption engines that realize high environmental performance.
Please relax and enjoy your flight in the quiet, spacious cabin. 

Seat map

Seat map for Air Japan’s aircraft.

Restroom with Bidet Seat: Front left side, behind 7ABC, behind 7HJK, behind 25ABC, behind 26HJK

Restroom with diaper changing station: Behind 7HJK, behind 25ABC

Baby Bassinets (portable cradles) are not accepted by AirJapan. 

Seat reservations

For detailed information, please refer to Paid advance assigned seating services.

  • Complimentary soft drinks will be offered to passengers seated in rows 1 through 9 in the front. 
    • Hot beverages: coffee, green tea 
    • Cold beverages: apple juice, orange juice, green tea, Pepsi Cola, water 
      *Served in paper cups 

In-Flight Services

In-Flight Meals

  • We will offer a wide variety of dining options that will allow passengers to experience the tastes and culture of Japan. 
  • Variety of in-flight meals will be available for purchase at the time of ticket reservation or on board.
    • Pre-purchase Menu    A total of 13 types of meals will be available, including vegetarian and other meals that take into consideration dietary restrictions and religions, as well as menus that can be enjoyed by passengers of all ages.
    • In-flight Purchase Menu    In cooperation with Japan’s local municipalities, AirJapan will offer an extensive lineup of meals, snacks, sweets and beverages where passengers will be able to enjoy Japan’s regional delicacies. In addition, we will contribute to the reduction of food waste with packaged foods with longer shelf life and freeze-dried products made with Japan’s world-class food processing technology.
    • Click here for the menu details

In-Flight Entertainment

  • By connecting to the dedicated in-flight WiFi, passengers will be able to watch the latest Hollywood movies, children's programs, animated cartoons and AirJapan original videos free of charge. Passengers will be able to enjoy these contents in the comfortable seat with a tablet holder and wide legroom.

About in-flight shopping

  • Items that allow you to spend your time more comfortably on a plane, such as blankets and items that can be bought as souvenirs or travel mementos, such as Air Japan's original goods, are offered. You can order the items you want while on a plane using your smartphone or tablet. Please enjoy your in-flight shopping experience. 
    Click here for more information