Paid advance assigned seating service

Photograph of seating provided by Air Japan.

For a fee, you can choose your seat on the aircraft in advance.

How to submit your request

  • Please request a reserved seat up to 5 hours before departure. 
  • Passengers who have not reserved a seat will have their seats decided automatically at the time of the check in.  If you wish to be seated next to a travel companion, a reserved seat is recommended. 
  • It is not possible to change seats or make requests, even at the airport check-in counter.  Thank you for understanding. 
  • It is possible to purchase a reserved seat via the Air Japan website (computer website/smartphone website). Advance reserved seats cannot be purchased at the contact centers. Thank you for understanding. 


"After the purchase, advance reserved seats cannot be canceled nor can the fee be refunded at the customer’s request. Your seat will be selected automatically if you check-in without assigning a seat in advance, and you may not sit together with your companion. After seats have been reserved and assigned, there is an additional seat assignment fee every time the seating allocation is changed."

Seat categories

Advance reserved seat fees differ according to the seat category. 

This is a seat map for the aircraft used by Air Japan.

Seating restrictions

Seats near the emergency exits

In accordance with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism guidelines (issued on April 1, 2021), passengers seated in the front rows of the front/center/back sections of the aircraft near the emergency exits must fulfill all of the following requirements. 

  • Persons aged 15 years or above. 
  • Persons who are not accompanied by children aged under 12 years. 
  • Persons who do not require assistance from a travel companion or airline staff when boarding the aircraft. 
  • Persons who do not require assistance from a travel companion to evacuate in the event of an emergency evacuation. 
  • Persons who are capable of opening/closing the aircraft doors and otherwise assisting cabin crew in the event of an emergency evacuation. 
  • Persons who are not pregnant (28 days or less until due date) 
  • Persons who are capable of conversing in Japanese or English. 
  • Persons who understand the emergency procedures guidance and cabin crew’s directions and are capable of orally conveying this information to other passengers. 
  • Persons who will follow the directions of the cabin crew. 
  • Persons who consent to assisting cabin crew in the event of an emergency evacuation. 

If Air Japan determines that a passenger does not fulfill these requirements, the passenger will be asked to change seats. In such cases, the reserved seat fee will not be refunded.

Pregnant women who have 29 days or more before their due date and passengers who use a cane are also advised to choose seats other than those near the emergency exits in consideration of the physical burden of providing assistance in the event of an emergency evacuation.

Seat assignment for passengers under 6 years old when using a seat

  • Children aged between 0 and 6 years occupying seats are always provided seats next to an accompanying adult. 
  • Adults accompanying children 0-6 years old are required to pay for advance reserved seats, but free of charge for children aged between 0 and 6 years.  (Except for seats with more legspace in the front, center, and rear.)