Cases of improvements based on customer feedback

Inside an AirJapan plane

We introduce improvements made based on customer feedback.

With “Fly Thoughtful” as the brand concept, AirJapan strives to listen to customers to understand what they want and what they do not need. 

We identify challenges based on customer feedback and requests and solve those challenges by improving the quality of service and operations. 

  • 【Customer feedback】

I realized that the name I had entered was not correct after the purchase.

Since I cannot confirm the name I entered until I complete the purchase in the current system, it would be great if I could confirm the name before making the purchase.

  • 【Improvement efforts】

We changed the system to display passenger information (name, date of birth, and e-mail address) so that customers can reconfirm the details of their booking before proceeding to the payment screen. 

You can also check the breakdown of the fare and fees for optional services in “Booking Summary” shown on this screen.

Reservation completion screen

  • 【Customer feedback】

When I fly in an airplane, I would love to enjoy the view from the window. 

If there is any seat that has no window, I would like to know before making a purchase.

  • 【Improvement efforts】

Window seats 37A and 37K have no windows due to the structure of the equipment.

We have added a note that says the two seats have no windows on the advance seat selection screen to inform customers at the time of booking.

Seat selection screen