Social Media Terms and Conditions

Updated on August 2nd, 2023

AirJapan Social Media Terms and Conditions

Chapter 1 General Rules

Article 1 (Applicable Scope of the Terms)

These Social Media Terms of Use ("the Terms") apply to all users of social media and incidental services ("the Service"), which are provided by Air Japan Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as "Air Japan")to users of AirJapan social media ("User" or "Users") operated by Air Japan, irrespective of whether the Users have carried out the usage registration procedures. In the event of a conflict between the Terms and any separate terms that have been established for social media operated by Air Japan (hereinafter, "Individual Terms"), the provisions of the Individual Terms shall be applied with precedence.

Article 2 (Matters for Compliance During Use)

  1. When using the Service, Users must not perform any of the following acts.
    1. The act of infringing, or potentially infringing, the rights and property of Air Japan, other Users or third parties
    2. The act of defaming Air Japan, other Users or third parties, or their products or services, etc. and the act of posting groundless information
    3. The act of infringing the privacy of other Users or third parties, such as by posting personal information including phone number, residential address and e-mail address
    4. The act of carrying out a pre-election campaign or election campaign, or equivalent act
    5. Acts of promulgation or solicitation with regard to a specific religion, organization or group, etc.
    6. The act of using or duplicating the information provided by the Service beyond the scope of its use for personal purposes. Moreover, the act of disclosing duplicated information to a third party, or the act of using it, is not included within the scope of use for personal purposes.
    7. The act of using for commercial purposes the information provided by the Service or by Air Japan
    8. The act of aiming to make a profit from use of the Service (including website referral and solicitation)
    9. The act of sending or posting harmful computer programs and bogus files, etc.
    10. The act of using the Service solely as a file download site
    11. The act of preventing use of or access to the Service or a part thereof by other Users
    12. The act of uploading to the Service content which the User has no right to send based on law, or based on confidential or contractual relations, or the act of sending this by other means (including internal information, proprietary/confidential information, etc. learned or disclosed as part of an employment relationship or based on a confidentiality agreement
    13. The act of uploading to the Service software, viruses or other contents including computer code, files or programs, which has been designed to obstruct, destroy or limit computer software or hardware or communications equipment, or the act of sending this by other means
    14. The act of password mining, hacking or attempting to gain unauthorized access by other methods in relation to services, accounts, computer systems or networks that are connected to a server or servers used for the Service
    15. The act of attempting to access content and information by means independent from the means intentionally enabled for use by Air Japan
    16. The act of utilizing the copyright, trademarks, service marks, brand names, logos and images in the Service, in some form or other, without the prior written agreement of Air Japan
    17. The act of using network monitoring or detection software to determine the site architecture, or extracting the usage status of the Service, personal identification or information about Users
    18. The act of monitoring or copying the Service or a part thereof by using robots, spiders or other automated software or devices, or by using manual processes
    19. The act of causing disadvantage to Air Japan, other Users or third parties
    20. The act of violating, or potentially violating, public order and morals or laws and regulations
    21. An act that leads to a criminal act, or could potentially lead to a criminal act
    22. The act of obstructing operation of the Service or discrediting Air Japan
    23. Other acts deemed by Air Japan to be inappropriate for the Service
  2. If a User inflicts damages on a third party in connection with the use of the Service, they shall compensate such damages at their own liability and expense or resolve the dispute with said third party, and not inconvenience Air Japan in any way.
  3. Air Japan will not accept any liability for damages caused to Users arising in connection with use of the Service, except where such damages resulted from willful intent or gross negligence on the part of Air Japan.
  4. If a User breaches the terms of this article and inflicts damages on Air Japan, Air Japan may claim compensation from the User.

Article 3 (Breach of Terms)

If a User breaches any of the clauses of the Terms, Air Japan may delete the information and content, etc. that the User has posted on the site in accordance with the form and extent of the breach, without prior notice, and may take other necessary measures.

Article 4 (Non-Guarantee)

Air Japan makes no guarantees with respect to the following items.

  1. The Service conforms to the User's intended purpose or application
  2. Normal communications using the access line
  3. Data sent and received over the access line is complete, accurate or valid
  4. Communication speed for processing requests from the User or data transmission
  5. Use of the Service will not cause any malfunction or failure of the User's computer
  6. Permanent provision of the Service
  7. The accuracy and integrity of information posted on the Service
  8. The reliability or effectiveness, etc. of matters related to companies posting advertisements on the Service and products advertised on the Service.

Article 5 (Exemption from Liability)

  1. Air Japan will not accept any liability for damages caused by posting or data transmission by Users, or for damages caused or induced by the content of the Service.
  2. Air Japan will not accept any liability with respect to infringements or disputes in the case the content posted or data transmitted by a User infringes upon third-party rights or results in a dispute concerning infringement upon rights.
  3. Air Japan will not accept any liability with respect to troubles that arise between Users in the Service.
  4. Air Japan shall not be obliged to compensate any damages caused by misrepresentation of the contents of the Service or any other cause arising from failure of the system for providing the Service, etc.
  5. Air Japan shall not be obliged to compensate any damages caused by the environment, etc., such as the computers, communications line, software, etc., used by Users.
  6. Air Japan shall not be obliged to compensate any damages caused by the suspension or termination of the Service or change to the contents of the Service.
  7. Air Japan shall not be obliged to compensate any damages to computers, communications lines, software, etc. caused by downloads, computer virus infection, etc. from the Service and third-party websites including the websites of advertisers.
  8. Air Japan will not accept any liability with respect to any other damages incurred in connection with the Service in addition to those described in each of the preceding paragraphs.

Article 6 (Treatment of Intellectual Property Rights)

  1. In using the Service, Users assign copyright to Air Japan for all information, content, etc. posted to the site or sent to Air Japan by electronic mail or other means, free of charge, and shall not exercise moral rights in relation to Air Japan’s usage of such information and content, etc.
  2. Users must not duplicate, distribute, publish or transmit publicly any information, content, etc. that they have obtained through the Service, other than for personal purposes or for the purpose of personal use within the limited scope of their home. Moreover, they must not otherwise make unauthorized use of the information, content, etc. of the Service beyond the extent permitted by the Copyright Act.
  3. Users must post or transmit data so as not to infringe upon third-party copyright, and the unauthorized reproduction of text, images, videos and other data from third-party media or content is prohibited; provided, however, that this does not apply if the permission of the rightsholder has been obtained in advance, or if such use constitutes "quotation" under the Copyright Act.

Article 7 (Usage Environment)

  1. Users must properly prepare the equipment, software, means of communication, etc. necessary to use the Service on their own responsibility and at their own expense.
  2. Users shall take security measures to prevent computer virus infection, unauthorized access, information leakage, etc. according to their usage environment.
  3. Air Japan is not involved with Users’ usage environment in any way, and does not accept any liability in relation thereto.

Article 8 (Suspension of the Service, etc.)

  1. Air Japan may interrupt or suspend the provision of the Service in whole or in part, or impose access or capacity restrictions on the Service, without prior notice to Users under any of the following circumstances.
    1. When unavoidable due to maintenance or works carried out on equipment, systems, etc. for provision of the Service
    2. When unavoidable due to the failure of equipment, systems, etc. for provision of the Service
    3. When failure occurs in the telecommunications service used for provision of the Service
    4. When the system capacity is exceeded due to access by the User
    5. When security-related issues have arisen
    6. When Air Japan reasonably deems it necessary for other operational or technical reasons
  2. Air Japan will not accept any liability for damages incurred by Users as a result of the measures taken by Air Japan based on the provisions of the preceding paragraph.

Article 9 (Force Majeure)

Circumstances that are clearly due to force majeure that cannot be attributed to the responsibility of Air Japan such as natural disasters, wars, civil war, riots, strikes, labor disputes, social upheaval, the revision and abolition of laws and regulations, and any other events deemed to have a significant impact on the provision of the Service, etc. shall not constitute a breach of the Terms, and Air Japan will not accept any liability in relation thereto.

Article 10 (Amendment of Terms of Use)

  1. Air Japan may amend the Terms at any time without notice to Users if the amendment is in the general interest of Users or to the extent that the amendment is reasonable in light of the circumstances surrounding it. In this case, the latest version of the Terms shall apply to use of the Service.
  2. The amended Terms shall come into effect the moment they are displayed on AirJapan Website, unless otherwise specified by Air Japan.

Article 11 (Website Terms of Use)

The Terms of Use of the AirJapan Website and the AirJapan Privacy Policy will apply to any matter not provided for in the Terms with regard to use of the Service.

Article 12 (Severability)

  1. Even if a part of the provisions of the Terms is judged to be invalid based on laws and regulations, the other provisions of these Terms shall remain valid.
  2. Even if a part of the provisions of the Terms has been invalidated or cancelled with respect to a User, the Terms shall remain valid with respect to other Users.

Article 13 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

  1. The Terms shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.
  2. The Tokyo District Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction as the court of first instance to hear disputes arising in connection with the Service.