NRT-ICN route will begin on Thu, February 22nd, 2024

NRT-ICN route will begin on Thu, February 22nd, 2024

Flight Schedule


Flight number and schedule 

NQ21 Narita 10:55 ⇒ Seoul 13:30 Tue-Wed-Thu-Sat-Sun (5 flights/week) 

NQ22 Seoul  14:40 ⇒ Narita  16:45   Tue-Wed-Thu-Sat-Sun (5 flights/week) 

Operating Period 

February 22, 2024 - March 30, 2024 


Boeing 787-8 aircraft (all economy class) 

Sales start date and time

  • The tickets are on sale on our website (PC/smartphone site). 


  • One-way fares start from as low as 8,000 yen.

   *Fees and charges are set in accordance with the country of departure of the first segment of your itinerary,  and must be paid in that currency. 

 *Airport fees and various taxes are required in addition to the fare.

 *Fare amount is subject to change depending on the seat availability forecast for each flight.

Comfortable air travel that you can choose to personalize

  • In-flight meals that offer a taste of Japanese culture and delicacies are available for a fee in the "pre-purchase menu" and "in-flight purchase menu," respectively.
  • Customers can enjoy new Hollywood movies, kids' shows, AirJapan original videos, etc. forfree of charge by connecting to the dedicated in-flight WiFi from their own smartphones or tablets.
  • Blankets and other amenities will be available for purchase on board. We also offer other AirJapan original goods and carefully selected products. Please enjoy in-flight shopping. The product lineup will be announced at a later date.