NRT-SIN route will begin on Fri, April 26th, 2024

AirJapan will hold direct flight Narita and Singapore on 27th April 2024.

Flight Schedule

RouteNarita⇔Singapore (Changi)

Flight number and schedule 

NQ4 Singapore 0:55 ⇒ Narita 9:10 Mon-Tue-Fri-Sat-Sun (5 flights/week) 

NQ3 Narita 17:35 ⇒ Singapore 23:55 Mon-Thu-Fri-Sat-Sun (5 flights/week)

Operating Period 

April 26, 2024 - October 26, 2024

*NQ4 will be operated from April 27, 2024


Boeing 787-8 aircraft (all economy class) 

・The flight schedule is subject to application to and approval by the relevant authorities. 

Sales start date and time

・Sales have started on our website (PC/smartphone site).


・One-way fares start from as low as 17,500 JPY.

   *Fees and charges are set in accordance with the country of departure of the first segment of your itinerary,and must be paid in that currency. 

 *Airport fees and various taxes are required in addition to the fare.

 *Fare amount is subject to change depending on the seat availability forecast for each flight.

・We also offer special fares that include paid optional services such as advance seat selection and checked baggage. Choose from three fare types to suit your needs.

Comfortable air travel that you can choose to personalize

・In-flight meals that offer a taste of Japanese culture and delicacies are available for a fee in the "pre-purchase menu" and "in-flight purchase menu," respectively.

・Customers can enjoy new Hollywood movies, kids' shows, AirJapan original videos, etc. forfree of charge by connecting to the dedicated in-flight WiFi from their own smartphones or tablets.

・Blankets and other amenities will be available for purchase on board. We also offer other AirJapan original goods and carefully selected products. Please enjoy in-flight shopping. The product lineup will be announced at a later date.