Payment methods

Photograph of credit card information being entered on a smartphone or other terminal.

Here we provide information on payment methods.

List of payment methods

To make your payment, from the AirJapan website go to the website of the online payment company partnered with the AirJapan (external organization) shown below. Selection of your payment method also means you that you agree to the privacy policy of the selected online payment company. Thank you for your understanding. 

  • Credit card: Worldpay from FIS (FIS privacy policy)
  • Accepted credit cards and debit cards 
These are the logos of the Visa/MasterCard/JCB/American Express credit cards that may be used.
  • Locations where credit cards can be used
    AirJapan’s website (computer, smartphone), airport counter
    *Credit cards cannot be used for payment at contact centers. In addition, it is not possible to purchase new air tickets at airports (only some optional services). 


"When paying by credit card or debit card, please be careful with regard to the card’s spending limit and balance. If there are insufficient funds, you will not be able to make purchases. When purchasing air tickets by credit card, a member’s identity may be verified using passwords in order to prevent identity theft and other unauthorized card use. Please note that verification is sent directly to the company that issued your credit card rather than on AirJapan’s website. Some cards may not be accepted, depending on the card company, so please contact your credit/debit card company for detailed information." We recommend that passengers use a credit card in their own name. AirJapan is not responsible for any trouble that may occur if you use another person's credit card.

Currency of payment

With regard to air tickets and optional services, depending on the itinerary and/or place of departure, fares and fees of the first segment of your itinerary will apply.