Things to Check Before Travel

A woman checking the information on the destination on the computer and preparing for travel.

Please check if the travel conditions are met before departure.

【Passport Validity】

Depending on the destination country, you cannot enter the country if your passport validity does not meet certain conditions.

Please be sure to check the required passport validity for the destination country and your passport validity.

Note that there will be no refunds or other compensation for air tickets or additional services if you are not allowed to travel because your passport validity does not meet the required conditions.

【Travel Conditions and Required Documents】

Travel conditions

  • Because the immigration conditions for each country change constantly, please be sure to check the latest information on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Overseas Safety HP and by inquiring at the country’s embassy, consulate, and quarantine authority.
  • If you cannot leave or enter the country because the travel conditions are not met, you will be responsible for all costs, including acquiring air tickets.


  • You may need a visa to enter a country. Please be sure to acquire a visa in advance because the types of visas and application methods vary depending on the destination country.

【Information on Quarantine】

Items that you cannot check in or bring on board

  • Please check with the country’s quarantine authority because some items are restricted from being checked or brought on board for quarantine reasons.

Information on COVID-19 and other quarantine related matters

  • Please check each country’s quarantine information with the relevant quarantine authority.