Regarding Flt Ticket Purchases Made via Flt Comparison Websites.

Thank you for flying Air Japan.  
The following cases have been confirmed for customers who reserved/purchased AirJapan tickets via airline ticket comparison websites or online travel agency sites.

  • The website where you made your reservation/purchase can not respond to any requests to additional optional services of your reservation.
  • No email notification is available regarding check-in.
  • An unexpected fee that differs from our regulations is charged or no refund becomes avaialble for cancellations to the originator of the reservation/purchase. 

Such websites may have their own handling fees in addition to the airfare, cancellation fee, and refund fee stipulated by Air Japan therefore, we are unable to accept such refund requests.

For any refunds or inquiries regarding Air Japan tickets that you have reserved or purchased, please contact the website where you made your reservation/purchase by yourself.

When purchasing AirJapan tickets, please use the Air Japan official website.